The Truth Is Out There….

September 3, 2013 in Christian Grey, General, Portrait

Soooo, now all the rumors have come to an end, Charlie Hunnam will be Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson will be Anastasia Steele in the FSOG movie..!

Looking at some pictures of Mr. Hunnam made me raise an eyebrow because I realized that I actually hadn’t been that wrong with my drawing of Christian.. o.Ô
What do you think..?

Now excuse me please while I stare at this picture:


Anastasia Steele

May 14, 2013 in Anastasia Steele, Pencils, Portrait

What to say about Ana..? o.O
Well, first of all I’ve got to tell you that she is definitely not one of my favorite characters. Not because I’ve got a crush on Christian or any bullshit like that, it’s just because I mostly find her/her behavior simply annoying. Just when I began to like her a bit, she did something extremely stupid or hurting and again I didn’t like her (mostly less than before..).

As well as Christian Ana is very well described in the books, so it hadn’t been very hard to draw her. When it comes to describing (first book) Ana, one word pops up in my mind: untouched. Just like Christian Grey is the pure sex, Anastasia Steele is Daddy’s little girl. She’s got absolutely no idea of the life of a grown-up: No experiences with men (other than friendships and kissing), no alcohol experiences, no business experiences, no sex at all.

Anastasia WIP 0

Anastasia WIP 0

Ana Steele - WIP 2

Ana Steele – WIP 2










I wanted to show Ana in my first portrait of her doing her very special thing: biting her lip.
Her big eyes wide open and her hair falling over her shoulders. I wonder what – or maybe who? – she is looking at? Maybe it is Christian unzipping his pants? Or he’s preparing something to play with? Wait, is she naked?

Well, we’ll probably never know, ha ha!

Anastasia Steele - WIP

Anastasia Steele – WIP

Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steele









Anastasia Steele - Sketch & Outcome

Anastasia Steele – Sketch & Outcome








Comparing to the finished drawing the sketch looks kind of weird, doesn’t it?

Don’t Bite Your Lip, Ana.

May 14, 2013 in Christian Grey, Mixed Media

I’m very pleased with the outcome of this piece. Although it was supposed to be a test for the digital coloration of the hair and the skin first, not an artwork. But I liked it, added a background and my favorite quote.

Teasing, isn’t it? Looking at it makes me wanna draw him more and more, ha ha!

I already got a lot of positive feedback for this piece and I’m glad you like it..! These are the perfect colors for Christian Grey, I think, especially the color of his hair. What do you say?

50 strokes of Grey - Don't Bite Your Lip, Ana

50 strokes of Grey – Don’t Bite Your Lip, Ana

Christian Grey, CEO Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.

May 12, 2013 in Christian Grey, Pencils, Portrait

The very first sketch I made of Christian Grey (which is not to find on this blog, because its only use was to give me a bit of orientation) had been a test of many levels. The pictures of Christian and Ana on my mind are very clear to me, but bringing these imaginations, formed by feelings and tons of picture fragments, onto paper is not quite easy. Another thing I have to follow when it comes to drawing Christian (and Ana) is to block any influence by the looks of popular people. At the moment a lot of suggestions for the roles in the Shades movie are spreading, but to be honest, I can’t imagine any of them playing Christian Grey now.

But back to the drawing: First of all I had the pose. I wanted to show Christian with two of his special characteristics: the scars and the hair on his chest. So I decided to draw him with a white shirt which doesn’t cover his chest. I quickly scribbled some outlines, playing around with forms and strokes for the jaw, the hair, the eyebrows and the facial hair. After that I tried some colors by using some colored pencils for the hair and the skin. I really love Christian’s hair and the fact that he’s a redhead! It needs to be shown! So, when I draw Christian, the drawings have to be colored somehow (Pencil drawings have to be colored with Photoshop then).

I used no special reference for this drawing, I only had 1 example for facial shading and 1 for the shirt.

Only one thing makes my drawings different from other Fifty-related illustrations: For me Grey is not 27 years old. He’s 33, maybe 34.

WIP of Christian Grey

WIP of Christian Grey

He’s very well described in the books, so I always had his looks on my mind (mostly him wearing a suit) while listening to the audiobooks and the urge to draw him got stronger and stronger.

What I also like about Christian Grey is his directness and his seriousness, when it comes to something he wants or or loves/likes. One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t bite your lip, Ana, you know what it does to me.” Reading or hearing this quote, I always have his face on my mind, with this special expression showing both: seriousness and desire.

Detail of Christian Grey

Not to forget his very special “You Are Mine”-smile. I like the unshaved Christian Grey much more by the way. But that’s because I love beards in general, I guess, ha ha!

Christian Grey Detail 2

Christian Grey Detail 2

I also love the fact that he’s got hair on his chest. You can definitively say about Christian Grey that he is pure. He’s a pure businessman, pure gentleman, pure lover, pure man, pure son, pure brother, pure husband, pure emotion, pure passion and pure sex.

I still want to draw him wearing a suit! Can’t wait to see this combination..

But well, this is my first portrait of Christian Grey, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. . With more practice his look will change a bit, until he really looks like I imagine him.

Don't Bite Your Lip - Christian Grey

Don’t Bite Your Lip – Christian Grey

He might look a bit older in this drawing, that’s because of the hair and some shadings. But at least this drawing is the draft of a more pleasing artwork:

Christian Grey

Christian Grey










But more about that in my next blogpost!