Anastasia Steele

May 14, 2013 in Anastasia Steele, Pencils, Portrait by Tatjana

What to say about Ana..? o.O
Well, first of all I’ve got to tell you that she is definitely not one of my favorite characters. Not because I’ve got a crush on Christian or any bullshit like that, it’s just because I mostly find her/her behavior simply annoying. Just when I began to like her a bit, she did something extremely stupid or hurting and again I didn’t like her (mostly less than before..).

As well as Christian Ana is very well described in the books, so it hadn’t been very hard to draw her. When it comes to describing (first book) Ana, one word pops up in my mind: untouched. Just like Christian Grey is the pure sex, Anastasia Steele is Daddy’s little girl. She’s got absolutely no idea of the life of a grown-up: No experiences with men (other than friendships and kissing), no alcohol experiences, no business experiences, no sex at all.

Anastasia WIP 0

Anastasia WIP 0

Ana Steele - WIP 2

Ana Steele – WIP 2










I wanted to show Ana in my first portrait of her doing her very special thing: biting her lip.
Her big eyes wide open and her hair falling over her shoulders. I wonder what – or maybe who? – she is looking at? Maybe it is Christian unzipping his pants? Or he’s preparing something to play with? Wait, is she naked?

Well, we’ll probably never know, ha ha!

Anastasia Steele - WIP

Anastasia Steele – WIP

Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steele









Anastasia Steele - Sketch & Outcome

Anastasia Steele – Sketch & Outcome








Comparing to the finished drawing the sketch looks kind of weird, doesn’t it?